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Fresh Produce

During your stay in Carnarvon, there are two things that you must try: the fresh produce from the ocean and the fresh produce from the plantations.

Carnarvon is home to thriving prawn, scallop, crab and fishing industries.

From May to October, you can purchase the freshest of the fresh direct from the seafood outlets. Otherwise, head to one of our many cafes, pubs or restaurants to taste the locally caught Carnarvon seafood.

If fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade pickles, preserves, sauces and dried fruits are to your liking then you are bound to love the Carnarvon plantations.

Producing millions of dollars worth of produce annually, the plantations of Carnarvon are renowned for their top quality produce.

Take a drive down to the growers’ stalls on North and South River Roads, or head to the Growers Market held each Saturday morning from May to September.

And don’t forget…you can’t leave with Carnarvon without trying a chocolate-coated frozen banana!

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